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Flood Risk Assessment – Newmarket

Writing a flood risk assessment if carefully done is a largely scientific process. By “scientific” we are alluding to the fact that the content is grounded in fact, or at least as far as the available data is accurate.

If a flood of a certain depth is “forecasted” when viewing available flood data for the site then we can raise the building up. Facts and reactions to those facts. This is what we like.

One part of the Flood Risk Assessment is the Sequential Test. This “non-scientific” part of the Flood Risk Assessment we could do without. It is a policy based, almost artistic endeavor that relies on the matching of unqualified of opinions, sometimes resulting in mismatches.

Image: johndal CC BY-SA 2.0

The sequential test relies on the following ingredients in order to work:

  • search area
  • search criteria

Both of these ingredients are open to debate in terms of their size and type respectively, and as such we have to be careful to follow established guides that have been issued by some of the more proactive administrative authorities’ so that we can demonstrate plausibility.

If you would like to discuss a Flood Risk Assessment for a Project, or a Sequential Test, then please do get in touch.

Sequential Test Review – Rochford

Southwest Environmental Limited have been commissioned by Rochford District Council , to make an independent review of a Sequential Test document on their behalf.

The site is within a regeneration area and as such the the search area justification for the site has been restricted to the regeneration area.

We have considerable experience in all things Flood Risk, and have been writing reports for 10 years this June. Much has changed over that time, but the Sequential Test has away been a problematic elements of flood risk reporting.

If you would like any help with reviewing your sequential test prior to submitting it to the council we would be happy to assist, we could also do the whole thing if you prefer.

Sequential Test for Planning Application – Catterick, North Yorkshire

Sequential Test for Planning Application – Catterick, North Yorkshire

It can be the case that planning authorities will take exception to a particular project and make requests for all kinds of extra information, to support the application, at a level of detial that would not normally be required.

Southwest Environmental were approached by a developer who was building a number of residential units in a Flood Zone 3. An initial flood risk assessment had been undertaken previously by a consultant and appeared to be of sufficient detail, however the local planning authority required extra clarification with regards to the sequential test.

SWEL have an well proven method for carrying out sequential test, and this was applied once more in this instance.

The project was well considered with regards to flood risk, the buildings design and choice of materials were  well chosen.

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