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Waste to Land Feasibility Study – Devon

Waste to Land Feasibility Study – Devon

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently carried out a Feasibility Study for a Company wishing to apply waste to land. The study was based around determining the amount of waste that could be applied to land for a given benefit.

The process includes using desktop data to build a hypothetical soil condition, and a hypothetical waste composition., These values are then used with nutrient allowance from RB209 to give a allowable tonnage of waste per hectare.

The study is conducted in light of applying for require permissions. There are two requirements for spreading waste to land. Firstly a permit, and secondly a deployment consent.

In order to achieve a successful application for deployment, many factor must be considered the most important of which is proving the waste is a recovery operation to the enforcer (The EA), if this cannot be done then the whole process is doomed from the outset.