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Desktop Study – Dunsford, Exeter

Desktop Study – Dunsford, Exeter

A farmer was looking to satisfy various pre-commencement planning conditions listed on his planning approval for an agricultural dwelling in Dunsford near Exeter.

SWEL were not sure why a desktop study was requested as the site was green field . . . although it was adjacent to some existing farm buildings. Discussions with Dartmoor National Park Authority had not resulted in the condition being removed and as such the desktop study was carried out, with the obvious recommendation that conditions relating to contaminated land were discharged.

 Desktop Study Exeter

Flood Risk Assessment – Wandsworth (SW11)

Flood Risk Assessment – Wandsworth (SW11)

Southwest Environmental have just completed a Flood risk Assessment for a small project in Wandsworth London.  The development saw the retention of a typical terraced house with an extension to the rear.

The property had a basement to include living accommodation but not sleeping accommodation. This is an important differentiation.

The sequential test was not required for this development as it is a domestic extension.
If you would like a flood risk assessment carried out in wandsworth, then please gt in touch, are prices are reasonable and our service prompt.

Hazardous Household Waste Amenity Site Permit Application – Cranleigh

Hazardous Household Waste Amenity Site Permit Application – Cranleigh

Acting on instructions from a waste management company, SWEL is to undertake permit supplication for a Standard rules SR2008No13_75kte – non-hazardous & hazardous household waste amenity site. The actual site use is for the sorting and transfer of batteries, rather than the type of amenity site one would normally expect.

The proposed site has modern drainage, a secure indoor storage area, and surfaces are impermeable and in good condition, this all helps make sure that application can be made without delay.

In support of the application Southwest Environmental will prepare:

  • Application Forms
  • Environmental Management System
  • Site Condition Report
  • Waste Policy
  • Risk Assessment

The site operator is already preparing to undertake relevant training such as EPOC.

Waste Transfer Station Permit

Environmental Consultants London

Flood Risk Assessment – Idmiston, Porton & Golmeldon

Flood Risk Assessment – Idmiston, Porton & Golmeldon

Acting on instructions from Idmiston Parish Council Southwest Environmental have undertaken a Parish Wide flood risk assessment, in advance of revisions being made to the parish plan.

The assessment is to ocver the 3 villages of Idmiston, Porton & Golmeldon and has a broad scope to cover the following sources of flood risk;

  • Fluvial – River Flooding from the River Bourne is  can affect some areas within the parish. Most developments are outside of Zone 3.
  • Pluvial – Surface Water flooding represents the highest risk within the parish. Run-off from side valleys to the main river valley create large volumes of run-off during.
  • Ground Water – Ground water is rather more occluded in nature than other types of flooding, it can affect.
  • Sewer –  Post intense rain fall events local sewer networks can become overwhelmed, this can be a result of blockages, poor maintenance or catchment transfer. 

A draft report has been produced with an aim to achieve a reduction in flood risk within the parish, this is to be achieved by a raft of measures which will be discussed with the Council Members, for inclusion within the final report.

The report was referenced in the submitted neighbourhood plan (page 32) for Idmiston Parish Council, the plan also contained some interesting photos supplied by Idmiston Residents.

Flood Risk Assessment Wiltshire