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BAT Assessment – Norfolk

BAT Assessment – Norfolk

SWEL have recently produced a BAT assessment for a installation permit application in Norfolk. A BAT assessment is a report which look at BAT (Best Available Technique) for a particular process and then compares the proposed process with those techniques.

Typically BAT is carried out using the relevant “How to Comply” document for you sector. Sector specific guidance can range from effluent treatment, surface treatment of metals or food and drink. Each set of guidance has its own BAT for a particular process.

The BAT Assessment reports focesses on Gap Analysis. i.e. the point at which you proposed process does not aline with BAT.

Sometimes BAT is a number or benchmark, which say for the foo and rink industry is 50mg/m3 for Dust (Particulates).

Sometimes BAT is a way of doing something, for example including a buffer tank in you effluent treatment system.

Writing s BAT assessment is a time consuming task, and it is not overly interesting either. We will give you a set price quotation for writing your BAT Assessment, and if you choose to go ahead that is one less thing for you to do!

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Transfer Station Costings – Kent

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently provided support to a company looking to establish a waste transfer station in Kent. The company were interested in costs of applying for an Environmental Permit. Besides the fees to the Environment Agency and Environmental Consultancy Fees, there are also various hardware and infrastructure costs to consider.

This is certainly the case with Fire Prevention where the EA request all manner of features installed to reduce risks from fire, and also fire water run-off.

Waste Transfer – Simple in Principal . . .  .

Based on our past experience with such matter SWEL prepared a list of requirements as we saw worst case. We included hardware costs and administrate costs on a spreadsheet (provided in XLS format) which we hope will be of use. The request was tuned around quickly in under 4 working days from commissioning.

ELV Permit Application – Hertford

ELV Permit Application – Hertford

SWEl have been commissioned to undertake a ELV permit for a recycling company based in Hertfordshire. An End of Life Vehicle Environmental Permit (ELV Permit) will allow the company to break cars on it site, and transfer wastes on for other uses.

The site is a good site in terms of the environmental constraints. . .  for example it is not near to any SSSIs etc. which can complicate applications of this nature.

The ELV permit application requires the following documents:

  • Application Forms
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Management System
  • Site Condition Report
  • Fire Prevention Plan
The fire prevention plan is the latest addition to the documentary requirements and is a time consuming document to prepare with site layout plans, stack layout plans and various other scale drawing required.
The permit is now duly made, and awaiting determination. SWEL submitted the permit on a rapid turnaround, within 1 week of commissioning. 

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Bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit Application – Barnstaple

Bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit Application – Barnstaple

Acting upon instruction from a client in Barnstaple, Devon, Southwest Environmental Limited have submitted a bespoke permit application for a flood risk activity permit.

The proposal was for a lowering of ground level within 9 meters of a main river. It was thought strange that lower of ground adjacent to a river require a permit, owing to likley positive flood storage benefits, but the Environment Agency are concerned with the disruption of the channel, and the potential for pollution to enter the river.

To that end the application forms etc. were filed and a number of supporting documents such as plannings and environmental management systems have been submitted, so the Environment agency can determine the application for this flood risk activity permit.

Flood risk activity permits are a relatively recent addition to the Environmental permitting regime, however they have been in forced under older regulatory regimes prior to being migrated to the EPR regs.

There are a number of standard flood risk activity permits available for an obscure set of activities, so for most operation a bespoke flood risk activity permit will be required.

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Permit Application Basildon, Essex

Permit Application Basildon, Essex 

Acting on instructions from a company wishing the recycle batteries in Essex. Southwest Environmental are to prepare a permit application for a battery recycling facility. There were many environmental constraints on site, such as a nearby SSSI.

The process involves the splitting of batteries with the segregation of casings, metal plates and electrolytes for onward transfer.

The application was prepared an submitted by SWEL in under 2 weeks, with a great deal of detail being input to the Environmental Risk assessment to describe migratory measures etc.

Example detail:

“All containers are clearly labelled prior to filling. When a particular container or series of containers are full they are transferred off site for further recycling at other licensed facilities, at which point an outgoing transfer documentation is generated and a collection of battery sourced wastes are loaded on to a vehicle for onward transfer.”

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Environmental Permit Application – Hereford

Environmental Permit Application – Hereford

SWEL were commissioned to undertake two permit applications for a Plastic Film Manufacturer based in Hereford.

One of the permits was for a trunking depot, so primarily categorised as a waste transfer operation, the other involved the treatment of wastes, and as such required a the inclusion of codes for treatment covered within the permit.

The Environment Agency are becoming increasingly concerned with the risk posed by fire and as such each of these application was requested to be accompanied by a fire prevention plan. This not only borrows from fire prevetion, but also mitigation of run-off impact during the extinguishing of a fire.

Both applications were accompanied by and Environmental Management System and a Site Condition Report.

Environmental Permit Application – Progress

At present SWEL are collating information required for the application including planning permission and completion of all requests set out by the Environment Agency during pre-application discussions.

Environmental Permit Application – Hereford

Acting on instruction from a construction and demolition company based to the north of Hereford. Southwest Environmental are undertaking an environmental permit application for a SR2010No12 permit (Treatment of waste to produce soil, soil substitutes and aggregate) .

The application site is ideally situated and meet the criteria for a standard permit;

• 10 metres of any watercourse;
• 50 metres from any spring or well, or from any borehole not used to supply water for domestic or food
production purposes; and
• 50 metres from any well, spring or from any  borehole used for the supply of water for human
consumption.  This must include private water supplies.
• 250metres within the presence of Great Crested Newts, where it is linked to the breeding ponds of the
newts by good habitat.; 
• 50 metres of a site that has relevant species or habitats protected under the Biodiversity Action Plan
that the Environment Agency considers at risk to this activity.;. 
• 50 metres of a National Nature Reserve (NNR), Local Nature Reserves(LNR), Local Wildlife 
  Site (LWS), Ancient woodland or Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The application is under way, with fairly limited supporting documentation constituting and Environmental management System, and a Site Condition Report.

Environmental Permit Application – Exeter

Environmental Permit Application – Exeter

Acting on Instruction from a business in Exeter, Southwest Environmental were commissioned to undertake a environmental permit application for a bespoke end of life vehicles, waste facility (EOLV).

Environmental Permit Application -Site Condition Report

Owing to an an industrial past it was deemed appropriate to undertake soil sampling on site to establish baseline conditions before permit issue. This is not only a requirement of the permit application but helps safe guard the operator against liabilities arising from contaminated land.
Site works took place over two days, site surfacing although continuous was easily broken through, and sampling was completed in around 4 – 6 hours.
Samples are currently at the labs, and records of results will be placed in the site condition report.

Environmental Permit Application – EMS

The company do have aspirations to become accredited to ISO14001, and this would satisfy EMS requirements under the permit, but in the mean time the company will use a in house system.
The environmental management system was written by southwest environmental with aspects and impacts being carefully considered before the products of management matrices etc.

Compost Permit Application – Woking

Compost Permit Application – Woking

Southwest Environmenta Limited were approached by a company based in woking whop had been manufacturing compost for 30 years, they had been operating under a local authority license for the activity but now they needed an environmental permit, owing the the environmental permitting regulation coming in to force.

Over a period of 3 months SWEL prepared and submitted the application which owing to the bespoke nature of the permit required and proximity of the site to various nature reserves and sensitive receptors was a labourious process.

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The permit was granted after around 4 months.

Unfortionatly the environmental permitting regulations do not take in to account the benign nature of waste operations that have been taking place over 10’s of years with incident. For example despite having resdients living immediatly adjacent to site who had not complained of odours over the 30 year life span of the site, an odour managment plan was aked for, as was a Site Specific Bio-Aerosol Risk Assessment SSBRA.


Inert Waste Recovery Permit Application

Inert Waste Recovery Permit Application – Dorset

Southwest Environmental Limited we asked to prepare an environmental permit application for a large landscaping scheme at a golf course in dorset. Import of materials classed as waste would be used for the formation of landscaping features.

A key part of a waste recovery permit application is the waste recovery plan which should be assessbmled in a to verfiy benefits of the waste scheme, in this instance is was thought that this benefit should proven via the use of a customer survey, of golf club memebers.

Gold club memebrs were asked whether they thought that the landscpaing scheme would improve the golf course. Results from this survey were then used to prove a benefit from the scheme.

Waste Recovery Plan

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