Projects – Composting Permit Application Bristol

Southwest Environmental Limited were approached by a composter sited to the south of Bristol, UK. The composter was operating a number of sites under Paragraph Exemptions, and as Paragraph Exemptions were being phased out and replaced by environmental permits, SWEL were engaged to under take the permit applications for the various sites.

It soon became apprent howver that 2 of the 3 sites ear marked were going to require significant investment in order to meet the permit requirements namley the impermeable surfaces and sealed driangae.

One of the sites however met most the the requirements and so it was decided to concentrate operations at this site.

An environmental permit application was made and accepted and the site continues to operate. After 3 years the sites has undergone a number of compliance audits from the Environment Agency, with only very minor non-compliances most of which have been related to the condition of the site infrastructure.

SWEL make sure that permits will run for many years without any major alterations. Measures such as specifying a genrous site boundary are imprtant to ensure this.

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