Traffic Impact Assessment – Essex

Traffic Impact Assessment – Grays, Essex

A waste recycling firm are applying for planning permission for a change of use. The change of use triggers the requrement for a traffic impact assessment.

First off the baseline conditions must be considered which involves a through traffic count on the surrounding road network.

Traffic Impact – Lots of Data

This data is then used to calculate likely percentage increases from the development.

The Traffic Impact assessment includes commentary on the modal split of traffic in the area and the trip generation associated with the proposed development.

Traffic Impact Assessment – Most counts are now automated.

When considering the different modes of transport it is important to consider that  a small number of HGVs are likely to represent a higher percentage increase, as opposed to a small number of cars the affect of which is diluted within the often high numbers of trips that are generated by cars on most roads on a day to day basis.

Traffic Impact Assessment

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