Daylighting Study – Lambeth – London 

Acting on instructions from a much valued repeat client, Southwest Environmental Limited have conducted a Sunlight and Daylight Study in Lambeth, London.  

The scope of the study includes for ADF value calculation and a Sun-on-the-Ground calculation, these are explained further below:
ADF- This is used to estimate the level of lighting inside the development prior to construction. In its most basic form it is a measure of window size to room size. i.e. is the window big enough for the room. Other factors also go in to the calculation such as quality of the glass, and whether daylight can reach the window i.e. is the window darkened by near by tall buildings. 
Sun-on-the-Ground – A shady cold cool garden can be nice in the summer, but in spring and autumn it can be gloomy. We can work out whether an outdoor area you have proposed will be bright or gloomy. We do this using the BR209 method, which is verging on witchcraft. 
Very happy to talk about any of the above so please ring for a discussion about it. 
Streatham High Rd, London SW16, UK

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