Waste Audit Statement for Devon Planning Application 

Waste Audit Statement for Devon Planning Application

We have recently been commissioned to undertake a Waste Audit Statement for Devon Planning Application. The project is for a residential institution (similar to a care home or sheltered housing).

Picture showing various piles of waste in concrete yard being sorted by an excavator

Sorting of Waste at a Site in the UK

The requirements from the Devon County Council planning officer is as follows:

D.C.C. Waste commented that ‘in order to meet the requirements of Policy W4 of the Devon Waste Plan, we request the following information:

The amount of construction, demolition, and excavation waste in tonnes, set out by the type of material.

 Identify targets for the re-use, recycling and recovery for each waste type from during construction, demolition and excavation, along with the methodology for auditing this waste including a monitoring scheme and corrective measures if failure to meet targets occurs.

o The predicted annual amount of waste, in tonnes, that will be generated once the development is occupied.

o Identify the main types of waste generated when development is occupied.

The details of the waste disposal methods likely to be used.’

Need Some Help?

If you need Waste Audit Statement for Devon Planning Application then we can write one for you, we have been writing waste reports for over decade, and as these reports contain very similar information to site waste management plans, that we have been writing for years, you can expect an efficient service.

Please contact us to discuss you requirements. The quickest way to enable us to quote is to email us some plans, and any comments received from the planning officer.

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